About Us


SSC Group is one of the leading Best Real Estate Companies of Uttar Pradesh natively based in the capital city of the state, Lucknow. It is in an original necessity that we are serving according to customer and serving them. In focus to Lucknow we are endeavoring affordable plotting projects of variable prices of approx Rs.1, 299/-, the plotting projects are active for 1000 sq ft ,1200 sq ft and 2000 sq ft. a feasible land range for flexible need fulfillments.

At present we have trusted customer relations with over 10,000 households. We are running on the top and continuous work is going to provide the best residential plots with better facilities for our customers. Service is our primary role. We are focused on branding that is friendly.


Our approach is very straightforward. Our aim is to provide the best residential plots in Lucknow to our customers and our entire team will work on it. Our goal in our vision is not only in Lucknow, but also to be a best real estate company in India that specializes in the sale of assets of various needs. . We want to take it to the other level and want to separate from all the real estate companies.  Our objective is to do whatever we do with integrity and hard work, which the customer expects from us, such as customer satisfaction, operating system, team development, etc. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we do our best. We want to build trust, quality, and integrity among the customers whom we do business and stand as the best real estate company in Lucknow.


Our mission is that we have always fulfilled on our customers expectation and remained at the top of the real estate world we are continuously working on this. We want to make our network for ahead in the real estate world.  As the best real estate company in Lucknow, we aim to give our customers the experience. We will always achieve our goal by being consistent in everything and demanding innovation and continuous improvement. Our endeavor is that the way the customers want to take the property we give them the same property if the customer want to take the best residential plots in Lucknow, then residential can if he wants to take commercial he can also take it.

2007Sai Kutiya Infront of Babu Banarasi Das College Ganeshpur Rehmanpur Faizabad Road
2008Sai Vihar Phase 1 Hasemau New Amity Campus Malhaur Gomti Nagar Extension
2009Chhetennaha Garhi By The Name Of Sai Farm ,Indira Canal Outer Ring Road Near RBN College Faizabad Road
2010Sai Residency Near Sahara Hospital Nearby Chota Barwara Jagjivan Das Inter College, Gomti Nagar Extension
2011Chandiya Mau Gomti Nagar Extension, Near Stadium
2012Lonapur Gomti Nagar Extension Near STP
2013Chota Damariya Gomti Nagar Extension
2014Bhaisora Gomti Nagar Extension
2015Tirupati Residency Chachenda Outer Ring Road
2016Tirupati Paradise Jamwasi Outer Ring Road
2017Sai Residency Tindola Outer Ring Road
2018Sai Vihar Hasemau Phase 2 New Amity Campus Gomti Nagar Extension
2018Tirupati Paradise Phase 2 Jamwasi Outer Ring Road

Real Estate Devlopment

It usually involves a piece of land, deciding what should be done on it and then arrange and coordinate all the necessary things to complete the project. Architects contractors, sales or leasing agent etc. Financing selection and supervision. In most cases real estate developer is an entrepreneur, and takes significant financial risk to buy land and develop assets.

Real Estate Consultant

Our team is working continuously to make better facilities even better and all our work is done under the supervision of our best real estate consultant.It’s our motto to get the best residential plots sale in Lucknow and to meet customer’s expectations. Before we make any major decision in our company, we make a decision after consulting our adviser.


We have always met the expectations of our customers, We never compromise with our quality 


For customer’s belive quality matters the most. All our customers today are due to our quality .


We always try to innovate for our customers so that our customers never face any kind of problem.


We are always looking forward to serving our customers, in order to establish a new relationship between us and the customers.


Business is based on relationship, during work we are try to establish a relation with the customer who go through the whole life.


Turning back we have never seen we always looking forward to moving forward and even today we are concentrating in own purpose.

Why we are the Best ?

The essence of the SSC Group of Companies is laid on the basic of the quality of the company and the satisfaction of the customers.The SSC Group is a well known company in the world of real estate  and stands as a Best real estate company in Lucknow. Which delivers the best residential plots to its customers. We expect the customer to do a lot more work which keeps us from the customer and that is why our relationship with our customer remains.

Tirupati Paradise

Tirupati Paradise provides you a modern lifestyle. A very affordable project.Our Project is Fully Developed. Currently we are working on the Tirupati Paradise.

Tirupati Resedency

Tirupati Paradise provides you a best residential plots in Lucknow with very affordable price. The project, including all facilities, is fully developed in 25 hectares.

Sai Resedency

Sai Residency are committed young professionals with a great vision and ambitious plans to develop their landmark...

  • Transparency

We are offering genuine plots with all required documents that validate the authenticity of our plots and stand as a Best Real Estate Company.

  • easy payment

We help our customers to  purchase plots. The payment process is very easy with us, whether it is paying down payment.

  • support

Our support to the clients is strongest part of our business.We work together to deliver exceptional customer support. We are always available for our clients.

  • experience

Our decades of experience, in-depth knowledge and age-old connection with all the other Real Estate Developers make us the Best Real Estate Company in Lucknow.

  • professional service

SSC Group provides a professional and pellucid service for all property related matters. Our company provide outstanding service and satisfaction to our customer.

  • quality service

SSC Group is never compromising with their quality and services. We offer expertise available to help our customers to sale or purchase  land or business property.